Posted by: technofutures | October 16, 2008

This week in Microsoft (Weeks 41/42)!


For those of you that don’t know, one of my big interests lies in Microsoft and its technologies. In this series of posts (of which I hope to write one every week), I will attempt to summarize the overwhelming amount of news that surrounds Microsoft every week.

In addition, I will try to briefly present a different Microsoft Research project each week, in order to find out more about what the future of technology may hold (and of course, we have a branch of Microsoft Research here in Cambridge!).

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Posted by: technofutures | October 12, 2008

Cambridge Michaelmas Term – Week 0

Start of term!

Well… it’s that time of year again when a new chapter begins… The usual start-of-year stuff took place of course… Director of Studies Meeting, Tutor Meeting … (I’ve got a new tutor this term, Prof Osborn, while Dr Kusukawa is on sabbatical for the Michaelmas and Lent… )

It’s been quite quiet, but here are the highlights of the week…

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Posted by: technofutures | October 5, 2008

Student Technology Day in London

I headed off to London on Wednesday (and met up with Valerio) for the UK Student Technology Day.

Having only slept two hours (bed at 3:30am to finish reviewing an XNA curriculum, and then up at 5:30 to catch my plane) I still manage to make it in time for the day!

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Posted by: technofutures | October 5, 2008

Microsoft Star Award Trip to Seattle – Days 3 & 4

After a fabulous first two days with Microsoft, Kris and I spent a fabulous week-end exploring Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding area… A few snapshots…

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Posted by: technofutures | October 4, 2008

Microsoft Star Award Trip to Seattle – Day 2

After an intense but fascinating Thursday, a new day had been prepared for us, full of excitement and discoveries!

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Posted by: technofutures | October 3, 2008

Microsoft Star Award Trip to Seattle – Day 1

As a result of my participation in the Microsoft Student Partner program last year, I was incredibly fortunate of being awarded the Microsoft Student Partner ‘Star Award’ for the UK, along with Kris Athi (another MSP).

Little did we know how amazing the prize for that award would be until we found out in June that we would be attending a global student conference in Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Seattle!

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Posted by: technofutures | October 1, 2008

At the beginning, there was nothing….

So here we are… A new beginning…

I’ve been touting the idea of a blog for a long time now… and the new academic year brings new resolutions!

I am, above all, passionate for technology and this passion is the main thing which I hope to share with my readers!

My areas of interest which I will focus this blog on:


  • Life of a 4th Year Cambridge University Electrical and Information Engineering Student
  • Progress and thoughts on my 4th Year degree project (more on this in a later post)


  • My passion for gadgets and computing in general 
  • My big interest in All Things Microsoft!
  • Travelling!
  • Music (In particular Piano, musicals and orchestral film music)

So let’s see where all of this leads us…

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