Posted by: technofutures | January 23, 2009

Christmas 2008

I cannot believe that it has already been 2 weeks since the end of the Christmas holidays… Of course as usual, they were far too short, but had a fabulous time, including a great few days in Portugal…

“To innovate or not to innovate”

4E1_WarrenRieutortLouis_14122008_Page_01 The first two weeks were ‘delightfully’ filled by my module coursework for Technological Innovation, which took somewhat longer than I had envisaged (and stretched the word limit somewhat…)! The topic I had chosen was ‘An analysis of the key developments and innovations in the optical-disc storage industry, covering topics such as driving forces for innovation, analyses of industry ecosystems and the development of dominant designs. Additionally, it was very relevant to the work I have been doing at the patent office over the past three years.

As soon as the marking process is completed, I’ll put up a copy on here, as I’m sure you are all dying to read it….

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services

BSNLearningGateWayLanguages Had a lot of fun playing with Windows Sharepoint services over the holidays, something I’d been meaning to do for a long time. For those who don’t know, Sharepoint is like an online collaboration tool, whose interface is simply a website in a browser.

Managed to set it up in Vista (thanks to this excellent guide) and Win Server 2008 (running in a VM), and after a couple of hours was sharing my SharePoint site across the home network… but not externally… I still haven’t figured out the password to the wireless router…

The customisation for the SharePoint site is easy to do with Office SharePoint Designer (although, that being said, there were once or twice when I seriously messed up the page layout by deleting what I shouldn’t have…!)

Anyway, the screenshot shows what I was playing with, with mum, for a school Virtual Learning Environment…

Christmas and Portugal

All of you know how much I enjoy Christmas time… and this year was extra special, knowing that it was my last Christmas holiday as ‘a student’… well probably…Had a wonderful time with the family in NL, became a grand master at Wii Golf (although the living room ceiling lamp only just survived my masterful swings), did-not-quite-perfect my radio helicopter flying skills… and spent a couple of days in Portugal looking at a nice island beach house : ) There we also met up with Hugo’s lovely family… What a lovely place Portugal. It was nice and warm and it was shopping paradise!!! For an avid shopper like myself, shopping at quarter to midnight in a huge shopping mall is heavenly! We also travelled to the most south-westerly point of Europe… another one to add to the travel records!


IMG_0627 IMG_0603 (2) IMG_0746 IMG_0748

I should add that the 2 top beach pictures are my sister’s before she accuses me of ‘stealing her artistic inspiration’ : )

Windows 7

win7After a firework-full New-Year’s eve in Holland, I spent the last week of the holidays ‘thinking’ about my project while… installing Windows 7….. So far I’m loving it, except for a few minor issues like with my weird 22” external monitor which refuses to remember its resolution after reboots… Windows 7 just feels so much faster and snappy, and I’m loving the little things that just keep surprising me (e.g. font browser. shortcuts…)! I didn’t think I would be a big fan of Document/Music/Video Libraries in W7, but I have to say, I have no idea how I managed without them before… The new Windows Media Player is very sleek and the taskbar is very very nice indeed. I’m looking forward to the final release…

It was also lovely to see people ice-skating in Holland (well sort of… it was also cold…). I don’t think I had seen ice-skating in at least a decade.

Once again, a fabulous holiday…


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