Posted by: technofutures | October 1, 2008

At the beginning, there was nothing….

So here we are… A new beginning…

I’ve been touting the idea of a blog for a long time now… and the new academic year brings new resolutions!

I am, above all, passionate for technology and this passion is the main thing which I hope to share with my readers!

My areas of interest which I will focus this blog on:


  • Life of a 4th Year Cambridge University Electrical and Information Engineering Student
  • Progress and thoughts on my 4th Year degree project (more on this in a later post)


  • My passion for gadgets and computing in general 
  • My big interest in All Things Microsoft!
  • Travelling!
  • Music (In particular Piano, musicals and orchestral film music)

So let’s see where all of this leads us…



  1. Nothing? Not a chance ! That word does not exist for the family R-L 🙂 I really enjoyed the blog – keep it up!

  2. I want more! MORE I TELL YOU!!

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